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( Jun. 25th, 2025 12:52 pm)
Appearance Bracken has hazel eyes, short, spiky sandy brown hair, and a tanned complexion. He has slightly pudgy cheeks and is a little on the hefty side. At just under six foot, he's not a fighter but he can hold his own against normal people based on size alone.
He keeps a staff with him at all times. It's not necessary for casting spells, but he holds onto it with a death grip as something familiar and comforting. It has the look of a dark brown branch and overall has a simple appearance, but the excellent craftsmanship and rubies at the top give way that it's actually expensive.
His robes are likewise plain. They're a tan color. As with the staff, there isn't much to the robes, but on close inspection the tailoring is exquisite. He always keeps the hood down and there's a belt loosely tied at his waist.

Vocal: Bracken's tone is mid-range, neither especially high or deep. He stutters and tries to speak too fast, causing him to repeat words as he tries to catch up. Sometimes he completely forgets what he's saying if he's especially anxious. His speech tends to come out simple because of his diminished vocabulary, and he can struggle to find the right words.
He's aware of his condition and reacts to it accordingly. When people treat him normally or encourage him, he gains confidence and will speak even though he doesn't like messing up. If someone mentions it he goes quiet and tries to make himself scarce.
If he finds someone who speaks in a way that he especially admires, such as someone who presents themselves as refined and elegant, he might start muttering to himself around them, repeating what they say and trying to learn from them. His stuttering is greatly reduced when repeating or reading. He will also try to learn new words from other people.
He knows both English (American) and Spanish (Mexican). He has the same problems in both languages.

These pages are still in the works.

His World
His Problems


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Kink List

Genessia Pokemon

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( Jun. 26th, 2016 09:09 am)
Bracken has a variety of issues he deals with on a daily basis. )

It's important to note that despite these problems, it doesn't mean that he (or people like him in reality) don't have intelligence. He doesn't want to be talked down to or treated like a child. He wants to help and feel useful.
He will rise or fall depending on the people around him. At home, where he has found his place among friends, he does almost anything that's asked of him to help out and is among the strongest players because of his willingness to do tedious tasks for hours on end. In particular, he does a lot of the 'farming' to bring other people items they want.
In a bad situation, it would be easy to leave him feeling frustrated, isolated and depressed.
In RP, I certainly don't demand either of these situations from other people. Characters can react ICly to him however they would react, and he will act ICly in turn. I only want players OOCly to understand where he's coming from.
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( Jun. 25th, 2016 11:47 am)
Bracken is only able to cast one spell at a time. Simply put, bigger spells take longer.

Everyone loves a little bit of magic. )
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( Jun. 1st, 2016 03:30 pm)
I'm very open-minded, so if something isn't listed here feel free to ask. Bracken considers himself a top, but mostly because he thinks being bottom looks uncomfortable. He could be convinced to bottom.

Read more... )
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( Jun. 1st, 2016 12:36 pm)
Backtagging: Absolutely.
Threadhopping: Sure, so long as everyone is okay with it.
Fourthwalling: No thanks.
Offensive Subjects: I'm difficult to offend. Likewise, Bracken would be very difficult to offend, so feel free to put whatever out there.

Hugging this character:: All of these answers, of course, depend a bit on how he feels about the other character. But he loves hugs!
Kissing this character: Kissing is great!
Fighting this character: Bracken is a powerful mage who would be very, very easy to defeat. He'd easily cry at pain and, in general, really doesn't want to hurt anyone. That doesn't mean fighting can't come up, but I'm not particularly looking to torture him or anything, so let's have a good reason if they're fighting.
Injuring this character: Possibly.
Killing this character: No thanks.
Sex with this character: Yes for m/m. Technically, he's not precisely gay, but he's spent his whole time learning about sex with a guild of all gay men, so it's what he's comfortable with. He'd freeze when it comes to a woman.

Using telepathy/mind reading on this character: Sure.

Misc/Opt-out: To put it plainly, Bracken could be classified as 'disabled'. He's able to consent and even able to live on his own and take care of himself, but he has many, many problems, from lapses in his memory, speech problems, and issues with certain types of thinking. He has trouble picking up nuances and jokes, and might stare for a while to try and figure it out if he isn't sure if someone is jokingly asking for "help" or really needs it.

He's an innocent character but not in the usual way. Being in a guild of all gay men, whom have decided orgies should be a thing, he's been to plenty of orgies and seen tons of sex, though he's only watched (not because of lack of interest, though!) His thoughts of when sex is okay can basically be summarized as such:

Do they want to have sex?Yes.→Then it's okay.
No.→Then it's not okay.

He's very non-judgmental about sex and friendly or casual sex is fine to him. He'd have a harder time understanding things like hatesex, but that would be more because he'd be confused than because of any morals qualms with it.

All of that said, even though he can consent, he's more vulnerable than most and this could make some people uncomfortable. If you aren't interested in playing with this character feel free to post here. Thank you.


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